Muscle Pharm Assault Pre-Workout Review

Muscle Pharm Assault Review

Muscle Pharm Assault is one of the leading pre-workout formulas sold today. This insanely intense supplement is taken 30 minute before your workout, adding something very special to your regimen. Assault contains a whopping 23 mg of Creatine in addition to twice the number of active ingredients as the competition. It takes just one scoop to vitalize and intensify your workout to the max.

What Happens when using Assault?

Shortly after taking your Assault supplement, a nice little jolt of energy will be felt. You’ll feel stamina and will be ready to kick it hard during your workout. These effects come with thanks to the Caffeine found inside. Beta Alanine is an active ingredient inside of Assault. This stimulant makes concentration far easier. When you’ve come to workout this is what you should be focused on. With the use of this awesome supplement, there will be nothing else on you mind. You’ll feel enhanced endurance so you’re able to maximize your workout, and that’s not all. You’ll enjoy transfer of nutrients into the muscle cells when using Assault, which is a necessary component of any serious workout. Assault offers good pump strength while also alleviating those sore muscles and the fatigue associated with those powerful workouts.

An Inside Look at Assault

Assault tastes great and is easy to mix. The product has a sweet and fruity taste with a nice tang. Most people do say that they lay the taste. The mix completely dissolves so there is never worry of clumps in your drink, and you don’t need a blender to get these thorough results. The ingredients work well together. Cinnulin makes it easier for the creatine in the product to absorb. There are even benefits that eliminate crash and fatigue while promoting lean muscle mass.

Are there Side Effects of Assault?

Some people report feeling a bit on the edge or uneasy when they begin using Assault. It is due to the high levels of caffeine found inside of the supplement. For most people this subsides very shortly after the body adjusts, and isn’t bothersome enough to discontinue use. Assault may not be right for all bodybuilders, which is yet another disadvantage since you’ll need to determine if it is right for your needs.


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