Top 15 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters 2017

Top 15 Best Natural Testosterone Boosters 2017

Top Testosterone Boosters for Men on the Market for 2016

Men looking for an easy method of increasing testosterone, muscle growth, and overall vitality should consider the addition of a validated testosterone booster to their supplement stack.

Testosterone boosters help increase the body’s natural testosterone production, which as a result helps build lean muscle mass, cut fat, boost libido, boost energy levels, increase strength levels, vitality, and so much more.

Whether you compete as a serious athlete or bodybuilder, or simply have made a commitment to obtaining a jaw-dropping physique, using one of the following testosterone boosters is a good idea to amplify results.

These are the very best testosterone boosters on the market, sure to work exactly how you want them to work for the results you need.

How we rank: we don’t rank these natural test boosters based on popularity or hype but on actual science. Research backed ingredients, clinically effective doses, and good customer feedback.

  1. PRIMASURGE by Jacked Factory – #1 Rated Testosterone Booster for 2016

primasurge natural testosterone boosterJacked Factory has been making waves in the supplement industry in 2015 and now 2016. Primasurge is the first scientifically-dosed, non-proprietary blend natural testosterone booster that we have seen on the market. This exceptional product has a stacked ingredient profile that will pack significant benefits to the end user. Primasurge not only boosts testosterone levels, but also focuses on driving muscle growth, strength, muscle fullness, and overall vitality through anti-cortisol, anti-estrogen, and anti-stress based ingredients. High-school libido levels is quite the benefit to experience also!

This open source formulation uses only natural, effective, clinically proven ingredients that provide you with results without any undesirable side effects or risks It can’t be emphasized enough that Primasurge is properly dosed, formulated science, dosed with the proper clinically-validated amounts of each ingredient to obtain the results that you truly desire.

The results to expect with consistent usage include: Boosted Testosterone Levels, Boosted Free Testosterone Levels, Lean Muscle Growth, Fat Loss, Less Stress, More Muscle Fullness, More ‘Alpha’ Mentality, Significant Libido Boost Overall Well-Being, & More. Primasurge is manufactured in a NSF & cGMP manufacturing facility, NSF level manufacturing really adds another level of quality to the manufacturing process.

  • Not only boosts testosterone but also increases muscle growth, strength, and aids in fat loss

  • Contains ingredients proven in human clinical studies to increase testosterone & free testosterone. Each ingredient is dosed in line with the research ensuring results.
  • Near-Immediate results, optimal results with consistent usage over time

  • Non-proprietary blend ensure that you know exactly what you are putting into your body

  • One user feedback showed nearly double testosterone levels (one user reported a testosterone level boost of 264 to 423 in just 4 weeks)

  • Increases workout performance, strength, & muscle thickness.

  • Very fairly priced at just $29.99 with free shipping on amazon

  • Completely science based formula and clinically-dosed (dosed in line with the validated research studies)

  • 100% hassle free money-back guarantee shows that the company stands behind the product, very rare.

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  1. Universal Animal Test by Universal Nutrition – # 2 Rated Testosterone Booster for 2016 (Previously #1 in 2015)

animal test testosterone boosterIn second place is the first place finisher from 2015, Animal Test. Unleash the animal inside of you and the beast can come alive! When you demand a optimal workout performance and lean muscle muscle growth, Animal test can certainly help reach those goals. This is a spectacular product that gives you the ingredients you need to naturally boost testosterone levels and help build more lean muscle over time. This great test booster is not quite as sensational as our number one product, but nonetheless offers you significant benefits that you won’t be disappointed in.

Animal Test is a testosterone booster that helps increase the natural testosterone production in your body while also helping you feel more energized. The Animal Test formulation helps you maximize each workout as well as your performance, and recovery.

You never know just what you can do until the animal is unleashed inside of you. This reasonably priced testosterone booster uses natural extracts and is safe for most people to use. It contains a good dose of each ingredient to provide you with the results that you really are after. There are multiple anti-estrogenic ingredients inside of Animal Test, as well as testosterone boosting and overall vitality-boosting.

  • Maximize your workout & results

  • Supports boosting testosterone naturally

  • Uses 100% natural extracts, safe formulation

  • Easy to use, easy to take without any side effects

  • Provides you with an increase in sexual energy

  • Reasonably priced, but slightly high

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  1. Supertest

supertestComing in on the 2016 best testosterone booster list at number three on the list is a testosterone builder called super test. Designed for bodybuilders & fitness goers, TestoFuel is a product that may help increase the levels of testosterone in the body, providing numerous benefits especially with vitality and well-being. Many men have used the product and seem to enjoy the benefits and results. There are several ingredients that work together to help support overall results. With the use of this product, you’ll help support a healthy daily life and support overall workout performance and recovery. There are also potentially added benefits such as a better muscle recovery from multiple sources of creatine.

  • Contains good ingredients for an overall performance booster

  • Comes with a  90 day money back guarantee

  • Good for boosting energy and mood
  • Good for overall vitality

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4. True Grits Test Booster

true grit test booster reviewTrue Grits Test Booster is another excellent product that is deserving of a fair shot in the gym, which is why it comes in as our fourth recommended product. This product contains 100 mg Shilajat, 125 mg Withania and 300 mg Fenugreek, three good ingredients used in testosterone boosting supplements for results. Men who use this booster should expect benefits that are pretty exciting. The scientifically formulated supplement makes it easy to get in a massive workout while also helping you recover and rebuild. The booster also increases your sex drive, so even the wife will love the fact that you’re using this supplement. It stacks well, is priced affordably and doesn’t have any side effects to cause you concern.

  • Contains no proprietary blends –you know exactly what you are getting
  • Stacks well
  • Easy to consume, easy to use
  • Contains ingredients proven to increase the testosterone levels in the body
  • Helps improve workout performance and a number of other exciting health benefits

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5. Prime Male

prime male test booster reviewPrime Male is another product that people are talking about. This supplement may help you burn extra fat, improve recovery & performance, overcome fatigue, improve your mood, and more. It is definitely a supplement that is worth thinking about, and it is worth a fair shot. Whether you are a serious athlete or simply looking to get the best body that you can attain, this is a product that will support your training. This supplement works well alone, and when stacked with additional supplements provides outstanding results. Inside of Prime Male are 12 ingredients intended to burn fat and boost testosterone. But, unlike some of the other formulas on the market, this one is only available directly from their website and is a little steeply priced compared to the competition.

  • Comes with a 90-day money back guarantee
  • Provides users with some exciting benefits, from overall vitality to improved fat loss.
  • Safe, natural supplement that can be used by most men
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6. Forged Methyl EAA

forged method eaa review transform supplementsForged Methyl EAA is a testosterone booster created by Transform Supplements. This product makes the top 15 cut for several reasons, but primarily because of the cool packaging (just kidding). Although the product is still relatively new, it has won the hearts of many in its short time on the market. Men seem to be pleased with the results in vitality and recovery. It is also a natural formulation with a low risk for any side effects. This natural anabolic makes it easy to work harder in the gym, intensifying each and every workout. Experience a clear mental focus that you can propel you to have your best workout. Best of all, the product delivers an ample number of additional benefits as well, including a boost in your libido, supporting fat loss, supporting energy levels, and an overall better feeling of well-being. Forged Methyl EAA is worth looking into for any fitness enthusiast.

  • natural and safe formulation
  • may help with fat loss and mood
  • excellent unique packaging
  • Easy to stack with other supplements
  • Works for most men
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7. Nutrex T Up

nutrex t up black reviewT-Up is a natural testosterone booster that combines a few simple key ingredients together to provide you with impressive results. Since these ingredients are all natural, any man can use this product without worry of it making them sick or causing ill side effects: this is not that kind of supplement! Men who use T Up typically report benefits within a short time of starting to use the product. That is certainly a benefit that many of the other supplements on the market cannot offer. The product does what most of the other testosterone boosters aim to do –increases performance in the gym, supports fat loss – but it also provides additional benefits that leave the others behind. This product works wonders to aid in workout recovery, in addition to providing you with impressive results during your workout. The T up supplement is sold in 30-day supplies, and it includes awesome daily health ingredients such as Folic Acid, Vitamin B12, and Vitamin B6.

  • Support natural testosterone levels
  • Helps with workout recovery and rebuilding
  • Staple ingredients for health & vitality
  • Natural, safe, well reputable brand with other great products
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8. Jym ZMA Jym

jym zma jym reviewMen ready to obtain the best testosterone levels can trust Jym ZMA as a daily staple to support healthy testosterone levels. This is one of many products from this legendary brand so you can trust it to be safe and effective for your needs. This supplement is easy to take, and will support the male hormone levels to optimize fat loss and muscle growth. Men across the world have used this product and experienced great results; this is but one of the many reasons for the continued popularity of the product. Created using the best ingredients that have been dosed to precision, this supplement will help give the user a deep sleep, an healthy testosterone levels. Jym ZMA Jym is formulated with zinc and magnesium, in addition to bioperine for maximum absorption. With optimal levels of these critical nutrients, the body can maintain healthy testosterone levels. ZMA Jym can also be stacked with other testosterone boosters as long as they do not contain Zinc.

  • Provides a deep sleep and lucid dreams
  • Optimize zinc levels for optimal healthy testosterone levels
  • Overcome any zinc deficiencies that are holding you back
  • Zinc is a natural estrogen controller
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9. High Performance Nutrition T

HPN is a trusted name in the supplements industry. They didn’t fail to meet expectations with the creation of T(5) a pretty solid and worthwhile supplement used by athletes looking for a toned, ripped body in no time at all. Not only does it work to provide users with impressive muscles, but it also does so without any adverse side effects. Extensive research was put into this product’s development, so you can feel confident you are getting what is promised. Now, the result is an incredible product that gets the results that you need for awesome bodybuilding. T(5) also supports normal functioning in the body, so you will enjoy many other awesome benefits with its use, including greater mental clarity, sharper focus, and even a higher libido. Testofen, Opti-Zinc, and BioPirene are just three of the proven ingredients combined in this awesome product.

  • T(5) contains five proven ingredients that work to increase testosterone levels
  • The more testosterone you produce, the greater results you will see in muscle gain
  • Safe and free of side effects
  • Suitable for all levels of athletes

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The Bottom 10 Testosterone Boosters – Good Products Worth Mentioning, But Not Quite Worthy of The Top-10 List.

10. Diesel Test Hardcore

This test booster does its job using natural ingredients, so there is nothing to worry about as far as side effects are concerned. The supplement contains 90 capsules in a bottle and works to increase your libido and energy levels. With nitric oxide on the ingredients list, Diesel Test Hardcore supplement also works to send your sex hormones into overdrive, producing an excitement in your life that you’ll both appreciate. This test booster also works to improve endurance and energy levels. Power gains and hard as a rock muscles – combined with the best sex you’ve ever had – are the results of this supplement. Just one to four pills daily is all that you need to see results. There is no Yohimbe inside of this supplement, a definite plus for most users. Although this supplement is great for those serious about bodybuilding, the average athlete also can use the product and see immaculate results in no time.

  • Increases energy levels
  • Boosts testosterone
  • Get hard, ripped muscles in the quickest time possible
  • Not only does this product rock your muscles, but it also helps you in the bedroom. You’ll get better erections, longer erections, increased semen production, and more. This is a complete product!


11. boostUltimate Test Booster

This is a popular product for men who want natural testosterone boosting plus more. The biggest advantage of this product is the price. Check the tickets on the products that we have listed here and you will notice that it is by far the most affordable to make the list. Sometimes ‘cheap’ products work well, and this one happens to fit that list. It isn’t the supplement that has guys standing in lines at the supplement store to buy, but it is a product that provides results and makes things happen when you’re on a budget. It is potent, and it provides fast results so you should definitely see why this is a product that so many men reach for!

  • Provides results in a short amount of time
  • Extremely affordable – no matter what your budget may be
  • Increases testosterone but also works to enhance stamina and energy
  • Helps you with that kick ass workout that you want

12. Arnold Iron Test

Go old school with your workout and purchase Iron test. This test booster works with you, not against you like some of the boosters on the market. You use this supplement after a workout wave and adjust the dosage as necessary. It is these factors that make this product so unique. The product contains good ingredients that provide you the chance to get lean muscles in no time, but it also works to enhance energy, increase your libido and help you get the best workout that you can. No matter your age, this is a safe, highly effective workout supplement that you can take alone or as part of a stacked program.

  • Works for men of any age
  • Safe and effective
  • Trusted by thousands of men
  • No mass production of products
  • Proven ingredients
  • 120 capsule supply lasts for 30 days


13. Cellucor P6 Xtreme

Cellucor P6 Xtreme may not be a product that everyone is going to want to use. Not because it is ineffective; that has been proven untrue, as it is one of the best-performing boosters on the market. The problem here is the cost. Expect to pay out about $200 each month for this one supplement alone. For that price it delivers what you want in a testosterone booster, helping you increase muscle size very quickly while producing lean muscle mass. This test booster amps you up for a great workout and also helps you when it is time to go to bed and lay down with your lady. The name Xtreme is perfect for this product since it is so powerful and potent and contains test boosting ingredients that have been proven effective. Best of all, this is a product that men of all ages can use without any worry of side effects or unpleasant symptoms of use affecting them.

  • Estrogen Regulation
  • Increases libido
  • Takes your sex life to another level
  • Typical dose is 4 capsules each day
  • 2600 mg of blended, proven ingredients


14. Max Genics

This product is formulated in an FDA- approved lab that has more than 30 years of experience creating supplements of this kind. If there is one brand that you can trust to deliver quality, this is it! Men trust Max Genics to provide them a safe and effective test boosting experience that won’t leave them feeling run down later down the line. This product is capable of handling the needs of the everyday Joe as well as the serious bodybuilder and athlete looking to enhance their lifestyle. Max Genics uses high quality, scientifically proven ingredients that work together to help you produce lean muscles, decrease fat levels, and promote a higher sex drive and libido. There are great reviews of the product online, and many men have used it with success. It is priced right on top of it all.

  • Great price
  • Works to improve your overall well-being
  • Use this product and have some of the best sex of your life
  • Enhance your workout


15. King Fisher High T Black Hardcore Test Booster

This test booster is another excellent choice for the man who is serious about getting the maximum burn in his workout while also enhancing his life in other areas. The High T Black Hardcore testosterone booster puts the ingredients to the test, providing you with meaningful results in a short amount of time. While you use this product, you’ll notice that it is much easier to melt the fat from your body. You’ll have the energy and the focus to really get out there and pump up your workout, so there is nothing but benefits coming your way. This exceptional test booster provides nitric oxide and builds muscle mass while delivering zinc, Vitamin E, and other essential vitamins that your body needs. In just a matter of weeks, you can have the body that you’ve always dreamed of flaunting to the world.

  • Increases your lean muscle mass
  • Delivers hard muscles in a short amount of time
  • Pumps up your workout
  • Helps you gain mental clarity and focus
  • Increases your sex drive


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