Top 11 Best Pre-Workout Supplements for 2017

Top 11 Best Pre-Workout Supplements 2016


11 Best Pre-Workout Supplement Powders for 2016 (Ranked Least to Best, See #1 For Our Top Rated)

Not all pre-workout supplements go that extra mile to provide the needed fuel and energy for an incredible workout. When you want that extra boost that enhances every single minute of your bodybuilding regimen, the wrong supplement simply will not cover it.

Rather than take a risk of choosing the wrong supplement, take a look at the 10 top pre-workout supplements currently on the market. Each of the 10 supplements below surpass expectations time and time again, and there’s little question of their benefit to your workout plan.

Find out which pre-workout supplement has bumped the legendary PRE JYM to #2 on this years top pre workout supplement ranking list!


11. XPI Myonox

xpi myonoxMade with quality ingredients and designed to provide greater endurance and improved strength, Myonox is one of the middle of the road pre- workout supplements on the market. This pre workout uses a similar amount of ingredients as the competition, providing users the chance to have better workouts. Inside of Myonox you’ll find those imperative pre-workout ingredients, including Arginine, Agmatine, and Citrullene Malate.

Unfortunately these ingredients are not clinically dosed like our #2 and #1 pre-workout picks. It is safe for anyone to use, thanks to all-natural ingredients. Results from the use of Myonox are seen fairly quick, so there’s no waiting for an hour or two for the product to kick in. If you want to have a good workout and haven’t tried many pre-workouts, this is definitely a pre-workout supplement to consider. Read Full Review Here

  • Available in several great flavors, including fruit punch and blue raspberry
  • Delays fatigue post-workout, enabling users to intensify their workouts
  • One serving of Myonox offers 7,000 mg of ingredients, an okay dosage, but not clinically dosed.
  • Safe and fairly effective. Good for rookie pre-workout users!

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10. N.O. Xplode

no xplode pre workout reviewN.O. Xplode is a classic pre-workout ‘ignitor’ that certainly makes it possible to attain a solid workout experience every time you hit the gym. With N.O. Xplode, you’ll enjoy enhanced endurance, more energy, generally more strength, and a good workout for maximum results. Safe to use with low risk of side effects, N.O. Xplode has been a major hit with bodybuilders from the beginning.

N.O. Xplode was introduced to the world in 2004. This product is one-size-fits-all, since bodybuilders of all experience levels can enjoy the use and the many exciting benefits. No matter where you are at in your bodybuilding experience, N.O. Xplode offers that helping hand and that extra push that you need to get to the next level. Read full N.O xplode review here

  • Contains 275 mg caffeine
  • Contains 3 g Creatine (actually a good, clinical dose)
  • Contains 1.8g of Beta-Alanine (a little lower than the 3.2g clinical dose we recommend)
  • Amazing taste, with several varieties available. Actually one of the better tasting pre-workouts.
  • Can be used with any of the other BSN products for a further enhanced workout

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9. Pumped Raw

pumped raw pre workout reviewPumped Raw is almost as hardcore as the name sounds. This pre-workout supplement is designed for men and women that need the fuel to start the fire when they hit the gym for a training session.

This product definitely amps you up for an energized, power-packed workout. However unfortunately, pumped raw is NOT clinically dosed like our #2 and #1 pick, which is why it is #9.

Pumped Raw does contain several different ingredients that work together to provide you with increased energy, better mental focus, mental clarity, increased metabolism, and better workouts. No matter the level of your bodybuilding experience, Pumped Raw is a product that is sure to help you get your groove going and get the workout you need.

For individuals that don’t like those flavors of some of the supplements out there, Pumped Raw comes flavor-free, and believe it or not, the taste isn’t so bad. Read full review on pumped raw here.

  • Pumped Raw is consistent, providing increased blood flow and energy for each and every workout
  • Product is reasonably priced
  • Gain a good amount of energy in a short amount of time
  • Good endurance boost
  • Decent ingredient doses, but unfortunately not clinically dosed like our top 2 picks.

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8. Assault by Muscle Pharm

musclepharm assault pre workout reviewMuscle Pharm created their premiere pre-workout supplement called Assault, and there are a number of bodybuilders thanking them for this creation.

Assault is a fairly effective pre workout product, providing users with a blend of creatine and other good ingredients proven to help increase workout performance while also providing an array of additional benefits that enhance the workout.

One of the biggest advantages of Assault is that it is great without the use of any other supplements, bringing forth the same exciting benefits without the fuss of using multiple products each day. Users who want something simple will definitely find Assault one that exceeds expectations. Read our full musclepharm assault review here – Some of the perks you’ll find when you mix the Assault into your workout:

  • Safe product, good for first time pre-workout users
  • Easy to use, good mixability
  • Kicks in fairly quickly
  • OK flavor (mixed ratings)
  • One scoop does the trick, and is all you need to have a good workout
  • Provides mental clarity, enhances endurance
  • NOT clinically dosed, and contains proprietary blends. Check out our #2 and #1 picks for proper clinical dosing and no prop blends.

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7. Gamma Labs ‘G’ Fuel

G Fuel Pre Workout ReviewGamma Labs ‘G’ Fuel is one of the better pre-workout supplements on the market today. Designed for use by those who want to maximize their workout, ‘G’ Fuel contains high levels of L-Tyrosine and Taurine, two ingredients that will provide an a good boost of focus and endurance.

Pomegranate and acai berries are also ingredients found inside of the G Fuel supplement. These two ingredients remove harmful radicals from the body, ensuring that you have the antioxidants you need.

There are arguments both ways on this, however we can conclude a medium amount of anti-oxidants can have merit. These ingredients are all natural, so anyone who is worried about using products that are not beneficial to the body has one less thing to worry about.

G Fuel is considered to be among the best pre-workout supplements around, especially natural, and it is great for all levels of fitness goers. Read the full Gamma labs G fuel review here.

  • G Fuel is great for men and women
  • Contains 19 fruits that act as antioxidants
  • Good endurance booster
  • Plenty of energy and focus
  • Great taste

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6. Stimul8 from Redefine Nutrition

stimul8Tailored to provide bodybuilders with an optimal workout experience, Stimul8 is a great pre-workout supplement for men and women of all experience levels.

This pre-workout formula is unique, with an assortment of benefits any user will be pleased to enjoy. Not only does Stimul8 add energy and excitement to your workout, it also helps boost the metabolism for more fat loss over time. You’ll be focused on your workout, pumped, and ready to make the most of that time in the gym.

With the use of Stimul8 right before working out, users are sure to be ready to go when they hit the gym and really enhance their level of working out. Stimul8 is great tasting, easy to use, and designed for bodybuilders of all experience levels. Check out our full writeup on finaflex stimul8 here.

Stimul8 offers users the following benefits:

  • A unique formula with decent value per serving.
  • Product is safe, so anyone can use it with confidence
  • Stimul8 works to boost the metabolism for more fat loss over time
  • One scoop per day is all it takes
  • Varity of tasty flavors for all interests

Available for the best price on – Order Here


5. Infinite Juggernaut

jugger pre reviewInfinite Labs has created a product that has bodybuilders talking. Juggernaut is the name of yet another recommended pre-workout supplement. This one is unique, safe to use and exceptional in quality and value.

One of the qualities that many of the supplements on the market today forget is hydration. Our bodies are composed of nearly 85% water, which we need to replenish when it is lost. With hyper hydration, you’ll enjoy a healthy workout thanks to the varied water and nutrient intake offered with this supplement.

Juggernaut is not for the faint at heart. It is strong and powerful, and really provides the chance for you to get that cutting edge workout that provides you with fast and easy results. The main ingredients inside of the product are one known by the name of Glycerol.

With this ingredient, those nutrients hit the bloodstream when they should. Juggernaut is the whole package. It provides a great pump, and it is easy to use. It is also very affordable and enables a host of benefits in addition to a powerful workout. This includes enhanced mood, relaxed muscles, enhanced endurance, and more. Check out our full writeup on Juggernaut here!

  • A fatigue free workout
  • Great tasting, easy to use product
  • Muscle Tissue Repair
  • Contains essential vitamins and nutrients

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4. Dust V2 by Blackstone

dust v2 pre workout reviewLeave the competition in the dust when you choose Dust V2 supplement as your pre-workout formula. Designed to aid your workout with better pumps, higher endurance, and greater intensity, this supplement makes it so much easier to get a serious training session in.

It tastes great, with several flavors available, and is from a name that is well-known in the ‘hardcore’ bodybuilding supplement space.

Dust V2 is composed using quality ingredients that work together to help you feel heart-pumping intensity when you work out. Those pumps will be stronger and longer.

You’ll be focused and you’ll have that helping hand to guide you along in your mission for a great workout. There is definitely a reason that so many people have recommended this pre workout supplement for so long now.

Inside of Dust V2 you’ll find active ingredients including L-Taurine, Beta Alanine, Velvet Bean Extract, Acofuel, and many others. Each of these ingredients has its own set of benefits, and when combined together, you have one mean workout. Read the full dust V2 writeup here.

  • Proprietary Formula contains workout enhancing ingredients (But we don’t like seeing proprietary blends, they should open-source the formula or most of it)
  • intense workouts, strong energy boost
  • good concentration, drive, and focus
  • Promotes endurance gains
  • Cons: potentially carcinogenic ingredient, causes jitters & crashing in our experience.

Available for the best price at – Order Here


3. Clean Series Pre Workout Activator

twinlab pre workout supplement reviewClean Series Pre Workout Activator is one of the best that your money can buy. The unique supplement enables you to enhance not only your workout, but your entire lifestyle. Using the Clean Series activator is easy, and you need just one scoop per day to attain maximum results. The natural product works to enhance your workouts and keep you feeling the rush of the workout.

Clean Series is made by Twin Labs, one of the most trusted names in supplements. Not only can you trust the product to provide you with quality and effectiveness, it is available in several flavors that taste great and provide you a quick and easy shake in no time at all.

One of the best things about this supplement is that it is great for both men and women, but it is one that is enjoyed by women especially. There are so many products simply too strong for women; this is not the case with Clean Series. This supplement provides women with an all-natural product with the perfect amounts of herbal ingredients that work!

  • Created by Twin Labs
  • Provides you with everything that you need for a one of a kind workout, including enhanced performance, greater endurance, increased memory and more
  • Herbal based formula is safe
  • There are no side effects
  • Can be used by those who are at all levels of their bodybuilding experience

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2. Pre Jym by Jim Stoppani (Top pre workout for 2014, Runner up for 2015’s Best Rated Pre-Workout, Runner up again in 2016)

pre jym pre workout reviewWe’ve talked about 9 great supplements thus far but we are officially down to the top 2. Pre Jym is a very solid formula created by fitness Guru Jim stoppani. Before Altius was released by Jacked Factory, Pre Jym held down the number one spot.

Pre Jym is a truly remarkable product and you can expect to have exceptional workouts and results from using it. ALTIUS has bumped Pre Jym to the #2 spot for the following reasons: ALTIUS contains 2 more grams of Citrulline Malate, 1 more gram of betaine, 1.6 more grams of beta-alanine, and 1 more gram of creatine. ALTIUS is truly clinically dosed versus Pre Jym is ‘almost’ clinically dosed.

Also, we give ALTIUS a slight edge on taste, and the fact that it’s actually naturally sweetened & has zero carbs, versus Pre Jym contains carbs, filler, and artificial food dyes. Both products come in at the same price, with the same amount of servings, so ALTIUS is simply the better solution. Jim has built a remarkable following and a solid brand of effective products, so Pre Jym comes in as a recommended buy.

  • Clinically proven ingredients, near clinically effective doses
  • Second most potent and highly dosed formulation that we have ever seen.
  • Increases your power and strength and ensures that you maximize all of your workouts
  • Good, Clean Energy Boost
  • Cost effective – Second best value for your money on the market.

Available for the best price on – Order Here


1. Altius Pre-Workout by Jacked Factory – 2016’s Best Rated Pre-Workout!

altius - best pre workout supplement for 2016We’ve talked about 10 great preworkout supplements thus far but we’ve saved the best for last. When you want a pre-workout supplement that enhances your performance to a totally new level, that makes you feel that relentless drive, that makes you bursting with energy and focus, well then it’s time to get to know the clinically-dosed powerhouse by Jacked Factory called Altius (Latin for ‘higher level’).

This is one of the most remarkable supplements on the market, designed for serious athletes who want to exceed their workout expectations, build more muscle, lose fat, and beat personal bests each time they step foot in the gym. But those are just some of the benefits that come with this mega-dosed pre-workout supplement.

Enjoy easy mixing and a great taste, plus knowing that all of the ingredients inside of the supplement are clinically proven, and dosed to match the research – this is really unheard of in the supplement industry, until now.

You can rest assured that you are getting a highly potent, effective, and safe product. Don’t think that it costs an arm and a leg to order this epic pre-workout supplement either. When you use Altius, you have THE product that is going to change your workouts forever. Read our full Altius pre workout supplement review here, updated for 2016.

  • Clinically proven ingredients, Clinically proven doses.
  • 16x more citrulline malate than the average pre-workout, 3x more creatine than the average pre-workout, 5x more betaine than the average pre-workout, and 4x more beta-alanine than the average pre-workout.
  • Most potent and highly dosed formulation that we have ever seen.
  • Clean formula with no artificial junk, useless filler, or toxic food dyes.
  • Increases your power and strength instantly and ensures that you maximize all of your workouts
  • Intense focus, Powerful energy boost
  • Cost effective – Best value for your money on the market.
  • 100% Hassle-Free Money-Back Guarantee Including Shipping Fees

Available for the best price on + Free Shipping – Order Here


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