Top 11 Best Post-Workout Supplements for 2017

 Top 11 Best Post-Workout Supplements for 2017

We are going to cover the importance and benefits of a post-workout supplement, what ingredients to look for, along with the doses and side effects. You can skip to the bottom to see the top 11 recommended post workout supplement list for 2016!

The importance of a post workout supplement

Exercise pushes your body to the limits by burning your energy storage, depleting your water levels, and eating up amino acids and other nutrients that are essential in muscle creation and preservation. The body must not be left starving at the time of its needed regeneration. [1]

Rebuilding using a post-workout supplement that contains all the essentials for building muscle and recovery is crucial. If you need to build muscle, make sure your post-workout meal contains full clinical doses of scientifically validated ingredients.

Too meet increasing standards, our top post-workout supplement has been formulated in a way that truly revolutionizes the category.

The most effective post-workout supplements contain ingredients such as L-Leucine, Betaine, LCLT, Glutamine, among other crucial ingredients. Building blocks don’t just magically pile up on top of each other to build the structure, you need to build the structure with the right tools.

Absorption of post-workout supplements…

The best products will be in the form of powders, simply to fit the large serving sizes of ingredient. Capsules simply do not have the same capacity. Absorption is crucial, and Bioperine is an ingredient we look for that helps enable quick digestion and absorption. The faster it can be absorbed, the quicker it can build and repair the body.

Benefits of a post workout recovery supplement

Post-workout supplements can increase muscle recovery rate, reduce soreness, build lean muscle tissue, reduce dehydration, pain, and breakdown, increase endurance, growth capacity, water retention, and stored energy, and increase fuel for protein production and muscle power output.

How post-workout supplements work, and the best ingredients for muscle building

Post-workout supplements are mainly composed of key amino acids. Five types of these are noteworthy in post-workout supplements, which are Leucine, Betaine, Creatine, Glutamine, and L-Carnitine L-Tartrate. They are all essential in muscle growth and protection. Leucine is the one that’s vital in stimulating protein production. Betaine & Creatine are directly responsible for increasing your peak muscle mass.

Use these post-workout supplements with protein powders to allow the body to efficiently utilize protein and build the maximum amount of muscle possible. It is recommended to take a post-workout supplement, followed by a protein shake or meal 30-60 minutes later. Post-workout supplements are most effective for multiple reasons but also because of the fast digestion process during the critical ‘anabolic window’.

Using Creatine Post Workout

Post-workout supplements mainly help increase protein production and recovery rate but there are supplements that contain creatine, a chemical responsible for adding extra energy, power, and muscle size. The body can produce a small amount of creatine but that amount can easily be used up during intense workouts. That’s why creatine is a key ingredient to see in post-workout supplements. [2]

Are there side-effects using post-workout supplements?

In healthy adults there is little to no chance of adverse physical reactions to post-workout supplements. The main ingredients of these supplements are essential ingredients needed by the body on a regular basis to continue recovering and growing at peak rates.

When to take a post workout supplement

The best time to ingest post-workout supplements is obviously immediately after workouts. The point of these supplements is to speed up the recovery and muscle growth of the body. But minor delays won’t really lead to ineffectiveness. The ideal delay limit is 45 minutes after working out. This will make sure that your body will absorb the post-workout supplements just in time for the regeneration process to start. Many call this the ‘anabolic window’

And if you do miss the deadline, take the supplement anyway. Your body will need every resource it can get to rebuild stronger.

You can choose to amp up your post-workout diet by consuming a carb+protein shake or meal soon after taking your post-workout supplement.  Take note that these supplements come with a regulated dosage. Make sure you follow the instructions.

How to pick a post-workout supplement that works for you

You have to check the ingredients on the label so that you know if the contents of the supplement line up with what research tells us is best for optimal recovery. First off, don’t buy any supplement that uses a ‘proprietary blend’. Also, look for key ingredients with at least 2 gram doses: Leucine, Creatine, Betaine, Carnitine Tartrate, Glutamine, and Beta-Alanine are the main ingredients to look for.

Also, check the brand of the post-workout supplement. Always pick the ones manufactured in the USA in NSF and cGMP facilities

Listed below are Top 11 post-workout supplements for muscle recovery & building on the market in 2016. (ranked lowest to best).


The 11 Best Post-Workout Supplements for 2016

11) EVL Nutrition Re-BLD

rebldRe-BLD contains creatine, glutamine and a bunch of BCAAs. It aims to give all the nutrients you need in one pill so that you won’t have to take in multiple pills at once. It promotes muscle recovery, endurance and creatine refueling while reducing muscle soreness. Re-BLD is pretty expensive compared to its contemporaries and not as versatile in terms of flavor. If your goal is to consistently perform well every workout, Re-BLD is a good choice of supplement.

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10) MHP Dark Matter

dark matterDark Matter is a peculiar post-workout supplement made by MH that triggers protein production, using massive amounts of leucine, and glycogen replenishment (through a chemical complex composed of sugar polymers, waxy maize, and more) in high speeds. [3] The goal of Dark Matter is to make the body enter regeneration mode faster, instead of just making huge amounts of building blocks available to the body. It contains amino acids and creatine. Dark Matter also boosts insulin levels in the body as it hastens glycogen restoration. It offers increased muscle mass and recovery rate and decreased muscle soreness. Dark matter is only available in three flavors and a bit expensive. [4]

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aminoxAmino X is instant. This BSN post-workout supplement comes in the form of an effervescent drink. The powdered drink contains 10g of micro-molecular amino acids in each scoop. Amino X aims to offer speedy but healthy recovery of muscles and stored energy. It prevents muscle components from breaking down and is much absorbable than may post-workout supplements. Although it contains no caffeine or sucrose and is only available in three flavors, it still tastes relatively great. [5]

The main active ingredient of Amino X is a 10g anabolic acid complex made of leucine, isoleucince, alanine, valine, citrulline, and taurine. This complex is essential for stimulating protein production, increased muscle mass, and healthy muscle regeneration.

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8) MusclePharm BCAA 3:1:2

musclepharm bcaaBCAA 3:1:2 is a special ratio molecule of the BCAA made by MusclePharm. The amino acid molecule is structured as such to give the body large quantities of BCAA by just taking one capsule.

BCAA 3:1:2 is focused in bringing out the maximum potential of the human muscle. This supplement slows down involuntary muscle breakdown, increases muscle growth rate, muscle mass, strength, and endurance, and decreases fat production in the body. All these features are made possibly by only six ingredients. This uniquely proportioned BCAA comes in 8 capsules, all unsweetened, and sold at a cost-efficient price.

3 grams of leucine, the most vital for muscle recovery, is responsible for heightening the rate of protein production and prevention of muscle tissue breakdown. 1 gram of isoleucine is in charge of the efficient production and burning of glucose. 2 grams of valine also contributes to protein production but works on the output efficiency of proteins and other nutrients.

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7) BPI Sports Best BCAA

bpi bcaaBPI Sports Best BCAA is different from other supplements here in the top ten. It aims to speed up muscle recovery while cutting down body fat and increasing vasodilation. The BCAA main ingredient of this supplement is a unique bonding of three simpler BCAAs together that improves amino acid absorption. The simple but high-performance formula contributes to the increased life of muscle tissue and the synthesis of proteins. Although one of the best in muscle development, it lags behind in other essential processes that may prove to be essential in muscle building. Valine is the most abundant amino acid in Sports Best BCAA. It is the amino acid that improves blood flow, aiding to the distribution of proteins all over the body.

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6) SciVation Xtend Endurance

xtend enduranceSciVation Xtend Endurance may not be the right product to be labeled as a Post-Workout Supplement but you can surely take this in during workout breaks. It gives you extended endurance during workout and a jolt on muscle recovery. What it does is it increases the production of carbs. It possesses a BCAA 2:1:1 with added glutamine, electrolytes for rehydration, and citrulline. Compared to other supplements stated, this SciVation Xtend Endurance does not offer a whole-meal worth of nutrients, since they are focused on sportsman nutrition.

Maltodextrin, waxy maize, and cluster dextrin compose the main complex carbohydrate of this supplement. Salts like trisodium citrate dihydrite and simple salts extend muscle endurance and water retention. Leucine content is 3.5g. isoleucine is at 1.75g, and glutamate is at 2.5g

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5) Rich Piana 5 Nutrition ALLDAYYOUMAY

all day you mayALLDAYYOUMAY is a supplement packed with beta-alanine, carnitine, coconut water concentrate, and other vitamins. It promotes muscle recovery and minimize muscle soreness while joints and immune systems are strengthened. Protein synthesis [6] is stimulated by this supplement, extending the tissue life of muscle. Every serving contains 5g of leucine, which is 10 parts of the BCAA blend molecule. Watch out for its sucralose or acesulfame sweetener, which may cause some odd taste to other customers. Another 8g of essential amino acids like glutamine, cysteine, and carnitine improves muscle recovery while a buffer blend of creatinol and beta-alanine increases endurance.

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4) Universal Nutrition Torrent

universal torrentUNT is simple but powerful. It relies on advanced creatines and whey protein to carry all its potency. What makes this supplement special is its simple formula that directly targets increased rate of the production of lean muscle mass. The whey protein is in hydrolyzed form while amino acids in the supplement are free floating. The amount of creatines it has per serving is enough for a whole day, supplying your body with a day’s worth of energy and resistance to breaking down. Luckily, there are many flavors to choose from.

Universal Nutrition Torrent has one of the most comprehensive content in the top ten. It has four major ingredients, which are an anti-catabolic leucine complex, a 7g volubolic amino acid mix, 3g creabolic complex, and 20g protein.

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3) Optimum Nutrition Essential AminO Energy

amino energyEssential AmiN.O. Energy gains a high position in the list for having a comprehensive nutritional content and exiting in shake form. It guarantees the body’s access to numerous essential nutrients and helps the quick digestion of these. Main ingredients of this supplement are powerful amino acids with beta-alanine, green tea extract, and more, this product are beta-alanine and green tea extract. This supplement aids in muscle recovery and production of nitric oxide in the body. It’s easy to love this post-workout supplement because it contains zero fat and only 10 calories. It contains industry-standard levels of amino acids that increases muscle recovery, endurance and resistance to breakdown. You can buy 9 flavors of this supplement and consume it even before workouts. The quality of its energizing component is high, thanks to its taurine and arginine content. Take note that this supplement contains 50mg caffeine every serving.

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2) Cellucor Alpha Amino

alpha aminoAlpha Amino is popularly recognized for its great effects on the body as a post-workout drink. Alpha Amino gives muscles nothing but healthy amounts of what they crave the most: amino acids and electrolytes. It promotes the muscle’s active maintenance even without exercise, which is reinforced by the easy absorption of free-form amino acids in the supplements. Its pros include improved muscle consistency, growth pace, and resistance to breaking down. It’s packed with enough energy to power up the body until the next day. Although it has only 5 flavors, this supplement makes it up for its 14 potent amino acids (leucine, isoleucine, valine, alanine, arginine, glutamine, etc) and comprehensive hydration component made of chia seed, HydroMax, and coconut water.

Alpha Amino as the best proven track record by experts, consumers, and researchers, thus, making it the best post-workout supplement to buy for its price.

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1) Jacked Factory Powerbuild – 2016’s Top Rated Post Workout Supplement

powerbuild - the best post workout supplement for 2016

powerbuild post workout supplement

Jacked Factory innovated two stale categories in 2015: pre-workout & post-workout. Complementing their clinically-dosed preworkout Altius, is their post-workout formula Powerbuild. Powerbuild packs a heavy ingredient profile, with a totally open non-proprietary blend label. There are really no products right now that comes close to the Powerbuild formulation. Users can expect amazing results in the muscle recovery department, along with certain lean muscle growth and physique changes. Further, the Powerbuild formulation is also designed to fuel strength gains and increase overall work capacity.

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