The Top 15 Nootropic Supplement Stacks For 2016

The Top 15 Nootropic Supplements For 2016

There are plenty of supplements out there and most cater to bodybuilders and strength athletes and many come in the form of fat burners, testosterone boosters, pre and postworkout drinks. Although not as popular, there are also supplements for the brain called nootropics. Nootropics are made to do only one thing and that is to boost brain power. Nootropics come in all shapes and sizes and plenty of them, unfortunately, don’t work. Just for that problem, we’ve rounded up the 15 best Nootropics available in the market today.


1. Mind Lab Pro

mindlabproThere are nootropics and there is Mind Lab Pro. Mind Lab Pro is number one because it’s made to get you in the zone. It’s so smartly formulated you’d think this nootropic is smarter than you! Kidding aside, Mind Lab Pro’s ingredient profile is just above average even when compared to some of the best.

It has 11 ingredients, too many for some, but each ingredient is clinically dosed to work and that’s a rare feat even for big companies. The result is a powerful brain booster that gives you 100% brain power every time. You can even use it as a preworkout since it strengthens mental fortitude, resolve, and motivation for your workouts.


2. truBrain

trubrainIf there was anything truBrain is meant to do it would be to get you laser focus minus the side effects of stimulants. truBrain makes use of being a “think drink” instead of the conventional pill and capsule forms we see every day.  It’s highly marketed for professionals and students who want a brain boost minus the stimulant side effects.



ciltepLong-Term Potentiation (LTP) is a mental state of improved brain function which provides a significant amount of brain power in a given timeframe. CILTEP triggers LTP as its main nootropic strategy. Driven by novel herbals Artichoke and Coleus Forskohli, CILTEP is able to provide LTP which gives users a pleasant mood while boosting their cognitive capacity known to last a good 14 hours.



4. Nootroo

nootrooRacetams are synonymous to Nootropics and Nootro gives us just that. Containing potent nootropics Noopept and Phenylpiracetam help boost brain power and make brain cells function more efficiently. It also has a good caffeine-theanine combo which grants you superior brain energy minus the jitters and nervousness. The main ingredient we like is Cognizin, one of the most powerful nootropics capable of boosting brain performance instantly while promoting long-term brain health.

The drawback is its price as it’s not exactly a cheap purchase specially with its aesthetic approach that comes in a gold and silver theme.


5. Neuro Optimizer

neurooptimizerNeuro Optimizer is perfect for long-term brain health. Its simple 7-ingredient formula is capable of boosting mental performance. enhances brain energy, and nourishes the brain which is important as we age.

Neuro Optimizer makes sure the brain stays healthy even when we’re too old to think of buying supplements. It’s the best nootropic here which we recommend for people over 40 years old.



6. Alpha Brain Instant

alphabraininstantAlpha Brain Instant may sound like the cheaper form of Alpha Brain but being instant has nothing to do with quality. The “instant” pertains to its fast acting form as it now comes in a liquid form which effectively improves absorption and therefore gives you a brain boost “instantly.”

Aside from the form, the formulation is also bigger and greatly improved what its predecessor lacked: potency. Alpha Brain only had 750 mg but Alpha Brain Instant has a whopping 3.7 g worth of space and that’s a lot of room for plenty of great ingredients specially when it doubled its brain boosting Flow Blend.

It’s also stimulant-free so you don’t have to worry over any jitters, crashes, or any headaches.



7. Nootrobox

nootroboxNootrobox is composed of two main blends namely RISE and SPRINT. The theme of this nootropic is balance and synergy and not over the top potency.

RISE is the go-to blend when it comes to memory boosting and enhanced stamina. It also has two powerful stress busters which help provide an ideal thinking environment. SPRINT, as the name implies, provides clarity, energy, and flow. It has caffeine for energy and an ideal amount of L-theanine to counteract any stimulant side effect.



8. Alpha Brain

alphabrainThe thing with Alpha Brain is that it’s insanely popular and with good reason. The formula is designed to support a variety of brain functions such as focus, memory, and even thinking speed. It’s been clinically researched to be capable of improving verbal memory recall, faster processing speed, and boosting what we call “Alpha Brain waves.”

Alpha Brain waves are capable of giving a relaxed yet alert sensation to users. Enhancing these waves makes the user feel like they’re in the zone: Perfect focus minus the irritability or annoyance when disturbed.



9. SmartX

cerebral-bottle-product-1_largeSmartX is one complicated nootropic largely because of its 17-ingredient formula. That’s a lot of ingredients for a nootropic but each of them has function and are capable of synergy. SmartX made sure it covered everything there is to cover when it comes to nootropics specially since it carries five of the most potent nootropics in the market: Citicoline, Phosphatidylserine, Bacopa, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine-A.

It has caffeine but the large L-Theanine dose should help take the jitters out of the equation.


10. MindBoost

mindboostMindBoost makes use of two separate bottles namley MindBoost Day and MindBoost Night. They work great on their own but combining the two gives you MindBoost Complete.

MindBoost Day is taken when you wake up as it gives you mental alertness, brain fuel, faster thought processes, and stress reduction. MindBoost Night was made to reduce stress and anxiety that accumulates throughout the day to give its user better sleep quality.

The main drawback is its price tag which could cost you as  much as $120 per month.



11. OptiMind

optimindOptiMind makes use of 12 different brain-enhancing ingredients designed to increase the efficiency of the many chemicals in the brain. It clears brain fog, improves focus, alertness, memory, mental energy, learning, motivation, and is also a stress fighter. OptiMind also guarantees to make sure you sleep soundly each night.



12. NITROvit

nitrovitNITROvit is a brain supplement capable of a wide array of cognitive benefits specifically focus, clarity, learning, mood, concentration, memory, anxiety, and motivation just to name a few. They back this up with some of the best ingredients in the nootropic industry that can also work together. The reasons they’re near the bottom are due to low doses and weak forms of some of their ingredients but if you’re not picky and want a good nootropic for starters then NITROvit is your bet.


13. Procera AVH

proceraThere are nootropics capable of giving you what they claim by making use of simple formulations and Procera AVH is one of them. Consisting of only ALCAR, Vinpocetine, and Huperzine-A, Procera AVH keeps it simple and effective with benefits ranging from energizing the brain to improving risks against age-related memory problems and cognitive decline.

Its strength is also its flaw: having a simple formula can have plenty of drawbacks and one of them is a lack in function. Apart from that, Procera AVH is a recommended nootropic for those who don’t want anything complicated and just wants a good brain boosting effect.


14. Focus Formula

Focus Formula is well-suited for focus support and proper concentration and its 200 mg caffeine is definitely more than capable of providing mental energy and a good level of alertness. It also has DMAE, an ingredient known for improving attention. The downside is it doesn’t have anything to soften the effects of caffeine. Best pair this with something like L-Theanine to offset jitters.

15. TruNoo

TruNoo is definitely a unique approach to nootropics that it allows you to customize your own brain booster. It has L-Theanine, Caffeine, and ALCAR in powder form. The gimmick is a mix-and-match type of supplement which gives the user freedom to create the blend they prefer specially when it comes to dosing. It’s a product highly targeted for students with benefits on focus, attention, accuracy, and long-term brain health. The only possible drawback is the potential over or underdosing users might experience.


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