The Top 6 Best Post Workout Supplements 2016

The Top 6 Best Post Workout Supplement Ingredients for Building Muscle, Strength, & Improving Muscle Recovery

Just finished an intense workout in the gym? It’s time to focus on your recovery. In addition to getting some stretching in and focusing on refueling with some fast acting protein and carbs, you should also consider which supplements may help you get an edge on recovery.

The following six best science-backed ingredients could help you bounce back faster so you can hit the gym sooner.

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Are you missing out on any of the following?


glutamineGlutamine is found in abundance in the body and plays a key role in immune system health. After an intense session, your glutamine stores will be depleted, so replenishment is key.

Taking glutamine immediately after exercise and then again before bed can help promote deeper recovery levels, helping you bounce back faster between sessions, while also reducing your risk of overtraining syndrome.


l-leucineLeucine, one of the key branched chain amino acids, is also important for promoting superior muscular recovery. It will help to kick-start the process of protein synthesis, which is the rebuilding of broken down muscle tissues.

Take leucine on its own or as part of a BCAA formula for optimal results.

Creatine Monohydrate

creatine monohydrateCreatine monohydrate has been long proven to help increase total strength and power output in those engaging in intense athletic training.

Since your creatine monohydrate stores will be depleted after a bout of intense exercise, providing creatine monohydrate from an outside source will help you reach levels of full saturation again, preparing you for your next workout ahead.

This can help you recover faster, enabling you to do workouts more frequently.


betaine anhydrousBetaine is another great post-workout supplement to consider as it too can help increase the total levels of creatine in the body. Betaine is also great for increasing the total level of oxygen that a muscle tissue is able to utilize during exercise, therefore saturating your body with betaine may help improve future workout performance. Studies have shown that athletes supplementing with 2.5g of betaine for 6 weeks added 4 lean pounds of muscle mass. 2.5g is the dose deliver in the product we recommend, Powerbuild.


beta alanineBeta-alanine, which helps to increase levels of carnosine in the body is also important for improving recovery from exercise.

When exercise at high intensity is performed and hydrogen ions build up (due to lactic acid production), this can lead to muscle soreness and high levels of fatigue once exercise is completed.

By supplementing with beta-alanine however, you can help to buffer this lactic acid, improving your recovery capacity.

L-Carnitine L-Tartrate

carnitinetartrateThe next of the post-workout products you’ll want to consider adding to your protocol is L-Carnitine L-Tartrate.

L-Carnitine, while found naturally in some foods such as avocados and dairy products, can be beneficial when taken in with higher dosages as it can help to increase the total usage of fatty acids as a fuel source by the muscle tissues.

This can support a higher level of recovery because it means less muscle glycogen is utilized, which then promotes greater exercise performance in future workouts.

It can also help to increase insulin sensitivity levels as well, so when you take in carbohydrates during the post-workout period, it can help to increase their storage in the muscle cells.

Studies also suggest that using L-Carnitine on a regular basis may help to decrease the total level of muscle tissue disruption noticed after intense physical activity.

L-Tartrate : Finally, L-tartrate is the last supplement that you’ll want to consider including in your post-workout supplement regime to help boost recovery from exercise.

The effectiveness of the hormone testosterone to bind to skeletal muscle and evoke protein synthesis is in part determined by an androgen receptor (AR). By supplementing with L-Tartrate after exercise, you can increase the AR availability in the body, potentially increasing your recovery from exercise.

L-Tartrate helps to reduce the total amount of muscular damage associated with resistance exercise, decreasing the overall level of catabolism that is taking place in the body.

Using one or more of the above noted supplements is a sure-fire way to land yourself to experience faster progress with your workout routine. Remember that your work is not done the minute you leave the gym. Without proper recovery strategies in place, you will not get the long-term results that you hope to see.


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